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SDYC2019 Packing & Check List

SDYC's Know Before You Go Handy-Dandy Checklist

1. Download the Sched app on your mobile device for the most up-to-date schedule information.

2. Check the suggested props for each class.

3. Pack those props and your mat!

4. Plan to dress in layers.  Convention centers are habitually cold!

5. Bring things to share if you have them (stickers, business cards, etc.).

6. Bring a water bottle and a hot beverage vessel. 

7. If you have it, bring anything fun for the High Vibe Hangout (cards, stones, pendulums, instruments, books, and more).

8. Bring items for the Clothing & Prop Swap.

9. Consider bringing money for the Vendor Market and the Silent Auction for WAVI.

10. Bring donation items for WAVI's donation bins: full-size toiletries, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, size 6 diapers, and more!

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