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Sarah Lindemulder

Sarah Lindemulder is passionate about immersing herself in nature and loves bringing others along for the ride. As a yoga teacher since 2014, Sarah is appreciated for her contagious joy, ease, and deep desire for learning. Sarah teaches at locations all over Sioux Falls, and leads retreats in any location that makes her heart sing. She has her 500 hr yoga certification through Amy Ippoliti and has further invested into studying yin yoga (Carole Westerman, Bernie Clark) and yoga nidra (Richard Miller, PhD, Tracee Stanley). A mother of two humans and one fur baby, Sarah delights in exploring the great outdoors and relishing good food with her family. When not studying yoga and all its various offshoots, you can find Sarah diving deeper into the study of somatic experiencing (Peter Levine) and herbal medicine.

Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati 

Explore the divine feminine: creator, preserver, and destroyer. Entwining asana, mudra, and mantra open yourself to a balanced self of power.

Session 4
Under the Tent

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