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Rajni Lerman

"Rajni Lerman, E-RYT 200, KRI Level 1 Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.
Kundalini Yoga has been my primary practice for over 12 years and continues to help me transform to be the best version of myself. I enjoy the integration of the many yogic tools within each kriya; asana, pranayma, mudra, mantra, body locks, dristi and a deep spiritual reverence which create a powerful container to expand and grow.

Since completing my training in 2011, I have continued to learn and practice Kundalini through level 2 trainings', retreats & workshops.  I also completed a 200 hr Woman's Yoga and Meditation Course in 2021. In addition to yoga, I also have a passion for dance. I have participated in many dance forms & practices throughout my life . I love the balance of a more free form style of movement to express the creative feminine parts of my being.  I did a short training in '5 element Dance' and offer this from time to time.  

My grounded and loving presence creates a safe space for students to explore more freedom in their body, mind & spirit. I hope you can join me at the Lotus Yoga Studio at Moccasin Springs where I teach regular classes. I also offer retreats, workshops and & private sessions by request. Please check out my website for upcoming events."

Drop Your Limiting Beliefs & Transform Your Life

In order to open to transform our lives and create new possibilities we must first see and release our old patterns, limiting beliefs and habits that hold us back from a new experience. Next we need to see, feel & imagine what it is that we want to create. In this sessions we will use the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga and Mediation to release that which holds us back & create the conditions for new opportunities to thrive. This session is for all levels, we show up just as we are and do our best.

Saturday Afternoon
at Sol Yoga Collective

412 Oshkosh St, Suite 3

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