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Helen Eimers

A nurse by trade, Helen has a passion for supporting and encouraging. Her desire to help individuals on a deeper level led to health, wellness, and life coaching with a recent addition of conscious heart hypnotherapy. This combination of modalities profoundly supports her clients with confidence, peace, and clarity. She has been teaching yoga and paddleboard yoga for six years. Helen loves the water and lives near Pukwana, SD. During the summer months, her family lives in their camper by the Missouri River. 

Feeling is Healing

Instinctive nature elicits our protective behaviors based on core beliefs. Forgetting about circumstances that lead us to act upon our core beliefs doesn’t heal. Feeling does. During this supportive session, Helen will open the doors to a connection with your True Self. This connection allows you to safely ascend the ladder of emotions. Utilize your breath along with fundamental movement to experience, feel, and release emotion.

Saturday Afternoon
at Vibrant Life Wellbeing
809 South Street, Suite 305

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