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Seva Saturday - June 29

SDYG Sunday - June 30


Pine Haven Event Venue

South of Rapid City near Rockerville


With a variety of sessions and topics and classes for all levels, SD Yoga Gathering sessions are for YOU!

More details and schedule coming soon.

Tickets will be limited and will go fast.

Plan Your Weekend!


Seva Saturday

Come early for Saturday's pre-gathering festivities including a full day of consciously-curated collaborative experiences with donations to benefit a local non-profit!


The South Dakota Yoga Gathering was born out of the knowing that yoga exists, yoga matters, yoga lives and breathes in South Dakota...not just on the coasts and in the far reaches of the world; that our local yoga communities are thriving because of a diverse collection of people who both practice and teach; and that when we gather as a collaborative, connected, and cohesive community, we can honor the goodness in each other, embrace each others' differences, learn from each other, teach each other, and expand the light of yoga together to shine brighter than ever before.
So, why gather?
To come together as human beings...mind, body, and spirit.
Why gather?
To assemble in a common location from the furthest regions of our state and places scattered beyond our borders.
Why gather?
To collect new information and ideas to support and/or to build upon our own yoga practices and life journeys.
Why gather?
To touch upon and impact others.
Why gather?
To empower presence; to allow time and opportunity to grow with the encouragement and support of others.
The South Dakota Yoga Gathering brings people together from across the state--drawn together for one powerful and inspirational moment in time--to experience offerings, unique practices, and insights to develop and enhance the mind, body, and spirit.

"The South Dakota (and others) yoga community is incredibly inviting. Everyone I encountered was friendly.
There was no stress, no competition, no judgement."

"Being in a community setting is so powerful  - I personally felt a shift in my energy and know that I am on the right path. I left the conference on such a high vibration and felt so empowered by the experience!"

"Just a lovely community that was built for the event and over the weekend. It was peaceful and just what I needed."

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