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Tesha Holso-Dahlenburg

Tesha Holso-Dahlenburg, RYT-500, AYS, completed her initial studies through Integrative Yoga Therapy. IYT, adopted by Kripalu's school of therapy, is a comprehensive yoga methodology integrating the Kosha system for yoga-based wellness. In a belief that yoga has therapeutic benefits for all, she continued her 300 hour studies as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, which combines Ayurveda and Yoga for a balanced, whole-faceted approach to well-being. She is passionate about incorporating the wisdom of Ayurvedic Yoga to tailor the practice to the individual and the season to maintain wholeness and harmony with life. Yoga was her lens for transformation and it is from this space that she shares her practice with others. 

Ayurvedic Yoga for Sama Agni

Agni is the fire within us, responsible for digestion. Not only digestion of the foods that we eat to nourish our bodies, but also digestion of our thoughts and sensory perceptions. Anything that we take in and transmute into something new. The ancient science of Ayurveda tells us that if we take care of our agni, we take care of our health. The intention of this class is to lead us back to a state of sama, or balanced, agni. Maintaining a state of sama agni leads to proper nutrition, radiant health, an abundance of prana, and bliss. Through the practice of Ayurvedic Yoga we’ll counter the gunas of the Tikshna-type agni that can accumulate during the summer season. Calming that Pitta-type agni that burns hot, dry and sharp during the hot season of the year and nourishing it back towards sama agni, to restore balance within. 

Saturday Morning
at Vibrant Life Wellbeing
809 South Street, Suite 305

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