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Steph Hanson & Jess Ryan

Steph Hanson, MS, LPC, E-RYT is a mental health therapist and yoga teacher who leads workshops, retreats, and trainings designed to embody the qualities of the core Self, and support trauma healing. More information at Jess Ryan, MS, NCC, LPC, 500E-RYT is the founder of and brings her experience as a trauma-informed therapist, yoga teacher, energy worker and Shamanic practitioner to her clients. Together they have over 25 years of combined teaching and client experience and have trained yoga teachers from across the intermountain west since 2011. They help students and clients to understand why and how yoga and body-based practices are more than merely physical exercises––these practices are gateways to understanding, healing, and uncovering the true Self.

Ancestral Awakening: 
Healing the Past to Create the Future

Many of us do not feel connected to our ancestors. Our bodies, however, keep the score: the strengths, pain, and challenges they faced are all stored within us. This secret history influences us more than we realize, showing up as culture, behavior, and mental and physical health challenges. Even if we don't know our ancestors by name, we can bring healing to our lineages through our bodies. This group embodiment practice incorporates yoga, breath work, IFS, and TRE® to uncover the legacy heirlooms and burdens you hold, and helps bring the necessary medicine to your lineage, enabling you to create the life - and the world - you want.

Session 3
Under the Tent

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