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Roxanne Privetera

Roxanne began her yoga journey 18 years ago, after physical trauma forced her to explore alternative methods of healing. She began teaching in 2010. With her combined experience, Roxanne has over 850 hours of yoga training and
continuing education.

“I am inspired to teach others yoga because of the profound impact it's had in my life. Yoga has given me the tools to cultivate mental clarity, connect to my inner strength, and develop a deeper awareness of my body’s needs."

Forrest Yoga

During our time together we will dive into deep breathing, use intent setting to engage the mind in unifying body and spirit, and explore ways to build strength and release tension that are unique to your individual needs. The session is adaptable to all levels of experience and will invite you to cultivate a closer, more compassionate relationship with yourself.

Saturday Morning
at Sol Yoga Collective
412 Oshkosh St, Suite 3

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