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Monica Ingram

Monica, a Wyoming resident, transitioned from a decade in disability care to prominence in yoga and fitness. Her transformative high school encounter with yoga led to certifications like 200hr e-RYT and Buti Yoga. Pursuing a 500hr certification, she innovates with formats like "Spark" (boxing and yoga) and "Feral" (twerk yoga). Beyond qualifications, Monica's mission is to inspire radical self-love through classes, fueled by her passion for art, tattooing, and global exploration. She's a dedicated traveler, educator, and artist empowering holistic healing and self-discovery.

Buti Yoga

A cure that has been hidden or kept secret.

This is the meaning to Buti Yoga.


Buti fuses tribal dance, dynamic yoga & primal movement.

Instead of the typical linear movements that yoga uses, Buti challenges the body along all planes of motion, including shaking and vibration to release stored trauma within the body.


Music guides the class with beat blended movement forcing you out of your head and into your body. It is in this magical place that you integrate your human experience rather than escape it.

Session 3
On the Lawn

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