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Happy Mother's Day

Happiest of Mother's Day to all our moms! Bouquet of flowers? Nope. Breakfast in Bed? Nope. This Mother's Day give partner yoga a try. It's sure to be a good dose of connection, communication, trust and touch. Above all, a fun time. A big thanks to my daughter Emma who partnered with me to bring you this sweet little sequence.

Note: Move with steadiness and ease. If your partner is shorter that you, the taller partner may try the pose on their knees.

*Elephant Breath~ Wake Up & Energize

  • Stand with feet hips distance apart, ground down through all corners of the feet.

  • Link hands to make an elephant's trunk.

  • Inhale arms and gaze rises. Slight back bend.

  • Exhale swing arms through legs. (Elephant trumpeting exhale encouraged, this is fun right?)

  • Repeat.

*Rooftops~Trust & Openness

  • Face your partner, one arm's length away.

  • Partners press palms to one another.

  • While taking a step away from each other, lean in and press hands up.

  • Gaze gently into your partners eyes, breath is steady and strong.

Twisted Trees~ Determination & Firm

  • Stand side-by-side

  • Hold hands or intertwining arms, outside hand is on hip.

  • Ground down on the inside leg-sturdy like a tree trunk.

  • Gently and with ease balance on the grounded standing leg and place the sole of the opposite foot on the standing leg (avoid the knee joint).

  • Extend the outside arm like a tree branch.

Double Down Dog~Playful & Strong

  • One partner places palms on the ground and lift hips into the air, gaze between legs.

  • If partner 2 is quite a bit shorter, they do the same underneath the down dog partner - OR-

  • Partner 2 place tops of feet on down dog partner's sacrum, while pushing their palms into the ground.

  • Gaze, giggle, breathe.

*Double Boat~Balance & Union

  • Partners sit tall facing each other.

  • Knees are bent, soles of feet to the floor, toes touching, grasp hands (maintain clasp throughout pose).

  • Press the right soles together, balance and lift legs.

  • Balancing press the left soles together.

  • Straighten legs, lengthen through the spine.

  • Vary legs by lowering or lifting-stay afloat as long as you can.

Back to Back Breathing~Connect & Relax

  • Sit back to back in any comfortable seated pose or lotus pose.

  • Press backs together, gently deepen your breath.

  • Notice, can you feel your partners breath?

I hope Mother's Day is one of balance, calm and connectedness. Together we may serve to gather, embrace, and expand a community of hope.


Written By Cheri Isaacson, SDYC co-founder, K-12 public educator, and essential oil junkie. During her work at home time Cheri enjoys meeting virtually with her students, daily walks with her husband, Mike and dog's Charlie and Oreo, and recreating recipes from the women in her life. Her daughter Emma is completing her junior year in high school and eagerly looking forward to her senior year. *For more fun partner poses and easy to follow yoga fun for kids of all ages, check out the Yoga Pretzels Card Deck!

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