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Expanding the Experience: Pre-SDYC Community Gathering

The who, what, why, when and where:

YOU are invited to join us for a pre-SDYC gathering. Let’s connect in the sweet and inspirational vibes of yoga, community, and the much anticipated 4th Annual South Dakota Yoga Conference. This event is for anyone who has been to the conference and wants MORE, those interested in SDYC and want to know more, your friends, family and ANYONE who craves an afternoon of goodness. Walk, talk, breathe, stretch, reflect, cheers, and leave a little more connected and grounded in loving awareness. Om Shanti

Cost: A love donation with all proceeds combining to make the South Dakota Yoga Conference accessible to more people by sponsoring tickets for as many people as possible! And sign up for a chance to win some fun door prizes, as well!


1:00pm: Meet at The Local (Main Street Sturgis), Introductions, Tea Fill-Up (BYO Vessel), Intentional Blessing, Carpool Arrangements

2:15pm: Arrive at Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary

2:15-4:15pm: Pathways Walk with stops for meditation, gentle standing yoga movements, and conversation

4:15pm: Carpool back to The Local

5pm: Happy Hour at The Local

3 Options:

Full Day: carpool (or drive yourself) from The Local, experience Pathways, & Happy Hour

Pathways: meet at and leave from Pathways (no Local)

Happy Hour: join us for Happy Hour at The Local (no Pathways)

Or any other combination! ;-)

The beauty of Gathering - taken from our recent blog post, How We Gather: We gather because “the love is bigger than each individual. Our minds, lives, fears, beliefs, passions, personalities (insert any other divisive thing here) can be insular and isolating. This coming together to share meaningful experiences, time and space, breath, laughs, presence, struggles, and maybe a tear from time to time, helps dissolve that isolation. Gatherings like SDYC magnify the power of the heart, coalescing in a ripple of love and community. Everyone wants to be happy and free, and they generally want to see you happy too. Take time to experience it.” We're all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass

The beauty of Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary This place is pure, peaceful, serene...and dare we say it - magical. Graced with groves of aspen trees, fields of wild flowers, powerful sculptures, their amazing chimes and wild horses, the Pathways evoke remembrance of natural beauty, harmony, and connectedness. Each year we (SDYC organizers) say we want to spend more time out there. Let’s make it happen. Please join us!

This quote on their intention - which aligns so much with ours - is taken from the Pathways website: “We live in a time that often seems dominated by separateness, a separateness that results in human conflict and contentious interactions. This is true of interactions on an individual level as well as those on a collective scale, where they have societal, political and international implications. This separateness also results in conflict with our environment and other life on our planet. At the same time, regardless of our personal realities or experiences, there is a place deep within us where we recognize that all life is connected. From this perspective, we can view our outer world with love, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness.”

~ See you there!

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