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Mandy Ryle


Mandy is the owner and founder of Sound Method Yoga in Omaha, NE. A hardworking studio owner, yoga teacher and mom she is an avid reader and a lifelong learner. Mandy has a keen interest in science and channels this love into her classes. You can expect a session influenced by her knowledge of biomechanics, pain science and neuroscience. Her love of movement is not limited to Yoga. Mandy is passionate about somatics, inspired by the Feldenkrais Method®. She is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She is the primary faculty for Sound Method Yoga’s Registered Yoga School and the developer of that program and other training programs for Yoga teachers such as her trademarked Yintensive®. Mandy is the host of The Yin Yoga Podcast. Her classes are creative, authentic and often praised for her storytelling. Her goal is to help her students and clients find their own somatic sovereignty through movement, breath and mindfulness. She teaches in Omaha and around the world. 

Yinteroception - Blissful Yin Combined with Somatic Movements* - Mandy Ryle

This sublime practice will utilize somatic movements to prepare the body/mind for long holds in familiar Yin poses. Somatic movements are simple, intuitive, repetitive motions or gestures that facilitate internal awareness. Somatic Education is highly effective in relieving chronic pain, improving bodily function, and recovering from common musculoskeletal conditions. Yin poses will offer sweet interludes to digest the somatosensory lessons learned. This type of movement can be a revelation for Yoga practitioners who are accustomed to a practice with more prescribed forms and postures. This practice is as valuable for your nervous systems as it is for your musculoskeletal system.

Session 1, 7-8:15am, in the Barn

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