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Karen Buxcel & Milidi Dickenson
Rapid City, SD

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Karen Buxcel (E-RYT 200) began her journey into yoga after 40 years of living life and raising 4 children. What began as a committed daily practice of asana and meditation soon sprouted into the deep dive of becoming an instructor and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.

Karen is a student of medical qigong and weaves those elements into her classes. Though she has received many certifications and trainings, the title and role she holds most dearly is that of "Mom".

The Element of Fire

From spring, we journey into early summer. The days are noticeably longer, the suns rays more intense as the bright orb coaxes us out of our homes and into its shine. Nature's outward, rapid and sporadic growth of springtime begins to level out during the early months of summer. In harmony with nature, we, too, begin to experience the flowering of our efforts. We will explore and grow in our heart-aligned practice that nurtures our joy, our passions, our generosity and our love for self and others.

Session 4, 2:00-3:15pm, On the Lawn

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