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Amy Reyes

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Amy Reyes is a student and and teacher of yoga. Her personal yoga journey began as a process of self-inquiry at an inpatient eating disorder treatment facility in 2004. For Amy, yoga served as a reintroduction back into the body. Through focusing first on the physical body, she was then able to then go deeper into the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers and allow space for healing and integration. Amy is most drawn to the subtle-body magic of yoga and the 8-limbed practice that extends beyond asana. Amy completed her YTT200 at Be Studio in 2018 and is currently finishing a YTT300 program with Carole Westerman.
Off the mat, she is blessed with a loving husband and four amazing children. Amy works full-time as a high school counselor and instructs yoga classes at Empower Studio in Yankton, SD.

Magic in the Being and Becoming - Amy Reyes

The magic of human nature is that in any given moment, we are both being and becoming. We rest in the awareness that we are whole, perfect, and complete exactly as we are in this moment, while also harnessing our power to continuously transform into our highest selves.  Being and becoming are two sides of the same coin. We meet ourselves in the here and now with love and acceptance in the being. We challenge ourselves to release what no longer serves us and create space for new, authentic life to be born in the becoming. It is a beautiful dance which brings together the yin and the yang, the lunar and the solar, the infinite and the finite. This session will incorporate both physical and non-physical aspects of yoga. Mindful movement and subtle body magic will be woven together in a way that encourages participants to dive deep into the depths of their being, take the seat of consciousness, and unlock their true potential in both the being and the becoming.

Session 2, 9:30-10:45am, under the Tent

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