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The Attitude of Gratitude

By Charmaine N. Houck, Founder of Wildly Aligned Wellness and SDYC2019 Presenter

Words hold power.

The words we think, write, and speak have the ability to break or build, us and others. Creating a healthy mental environment with our thoughts often starts with a practice of tangible action, this is where Gratitude Journaling comes in. Gratitude Journaling is just that; writing down the things you have gratitude for on a regular basis.

Starting a gratitude journal can help you expand your surface thoughts and get deeper in tune with yourself, your goals, and your personal patterns. Through the process of writing down three things you are grateful for each day, you will begin to let go of negative thoughts and call in abundance. Shifting your thoughts to positivity will raise your overall vibration making you ripe for manifesting more positivity.

Embracing gratitude will change your attitude. While it takes roughly three weeks (21 days) to cultivate a new habit, you will see your thoughts changing with time. Gratitude Journaling has the ability to:

  • shift your focus

  • improve your quality of life

  • make you feel happier

  • reduce your fears

  • strengthen and enhance your faith and spirituality

  • motivate you to reach your goals

The process is simple, but the key is to be present and mindful during your writing time. You are not just making a list, you are sharing details of situations, the impact of people, feelings, and how your body feels during these grateful times.

You only need three things to get started:

Journal: I personally suggest choosing a journal which speaks to you, something you will enjoy writing in. For some this looks like a leather-bound book while for others it may be a document on your computer, yet for others still, a bullet journal with room to doodle may be more fitting.
Writing Utensil: Just like the journal, you must choose your method of writing. Again, there is no right or wrong answer; pen, pencil, marker, colored pencils, a combination of them all.
Time: It only takes a few minutes a day (or week) to create your gratitude journal. Many choose to write about three items they are grateful for a day while others may choose to write five per week. Schedule your time according to what works with your lifestyle.
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