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Passionate Posers

How to share yoga with the littles in your life.

Last year marked SDYC's first year of offering a class for the youngest of attendees - kids! These passionate posers rocked the class, and the class planted seeds within each young practitioner..."yoga is for me too!" Movement and mindfulness can be found in yoga studios, homes, and schools across our region. Parents and educators alike are discovering the benefit of movement and mindfulness - yoga and meditation - to engage and connect students and children in learning and community, as well as physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. Whether you're a parent, aunt, uncle, teacher, or coach, sharing the practice of yoga, movement, and mindfulness is a gift that keeps giving.



When the art of storytelling is woven in a yoga practice, children hone listening skills, imaginations, and retelling skills in an engaging movement-based way through various yoga poses.



When practicing with children, movement and sound is expected. The pace of the music, voice tone, and a willingness to get silly and honor children where they are when they step on their mat is a great practice when leading kids' yoga.



Even super heroes need a break. A group of South Dakota educators embrace those moments with M & M time...

Mindful Movement! Imagine moving to your own special

place in a classroom or at home, taking a moment to tune inward, pause, refocus, resume. It can happen, for kids of

all ages. ;-)


May the seeds you share be sowed in the most fertile soils and begin your journey to discover yoga with the littles in your life. Share passionately, share radiantly, share authentically.


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