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Raise your Vibration with Music

For an uplifting experience, add music to your practice!

Sound comes in many forms: singing, chanting, live instruments, pre-recorded music. The South Dakota Yoga Conference has offered it all: live music at Friday's Welcome Social and Saturday's High Vibe Hangout, numerous Sound Bath experiences, chanting, groovy music at the Prana Dance Party, Kirtan, and each presenter's own spin on pre-recorded music to pair perfectly with their classes.

And since everything is energy, including music, it's easy to feel how listening our favorite tunes boosts our energy, opens our hearts and souls, helps us have breakthroughs, lifts us out of sadness, and raises our vibrations.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." -Nikola Tesla

Scottie, Cheri, and Jillian love music and love to practice yoga to their favorite music, as well! So, they created an SDYC Spotify account to capture their favorite playlists and share them with you!

Follow SDYC on Spotify, get your groove on, and let us know what else we should be listening to!

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