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How We Gather

Cheri, Jillian, and Scottie chime in with their ideas about coming together as community.


Gather ... an invitation to show up? Gathering a collective breath, a beautiful bouquet of individuals, an opportunity to "be." I'm humbly honored to gather with each and every person involved in the SDYC experience. I have found, for me, what once was a conference to gather like-minded individuals to build and promote a yoga community truly has transcended the boundaries of these labels. What was once a weekend of gathering, is now a lifetime of is so much more than simply an invitation to show up. It is an invitation to endless opportunity. I've listen and learned from such a diverse community that convenes for one weekend each year at the South Dakota Yoga Conference. Join in...lean in to this opportunity to gather at SDYC 2019...I can't wait to add you to the fabric of our community.



To gather is actually a pretty intimidating concept for me. I’m definitely an extroverted introvert…yes, it’s a thing! I can hang when I get in a crowd, but I would much rather be by myself, curled up with a good book and a hot cup of tea or running on a tree-lined path. So, it’s ironic that I routinely plan events where large groups of people share time in close proximity. But, here’s the deal: there’s a big difference between just having to be around a lot of people and coming together in an intentional gathering. SDYC is an intentional gathering. It’s the coming together of not only people, but also of ideas, inspiration, and energy. It encourages us to embrace the collective positivity that is generated from within the group and then to share that back out into the world. In short, it just makes you feel good! And when you feel good, you are good and you do good. That right there is a good enough reason for me to drop my introvert tendencies and jump feet first into every good intentional gathering I can find. I invite you to do the same!



My mind is BLOWN by the power of coming together, especially in an intentional and held way (which SDYC definitely is). And gathering in the vibration - spirit and body - of yoga, none the less! I personally have a tendency to distrust (dare I say it) humanity. Wow - yeah. While I Iove and dream about the ideas: community, one love, justice, peace - I have a really hard time trusting. UNTIL, I am in it and see that people are actually good. But that's what all of us show up for (right?), to experience something good (within ourselves). The yoga helps us mirror that recognition of beauty within, and we see it in the other people. Not just the good traits of everyone's personalities, but the essence, and how we're all in this together. Namaste! The waves that flow through these types of convergences, with every individual's experiences bubbling up, are always a little different and ultimately beautiful. As it turns out, the love is bigger than my fears. The love is bigger than each individual. Our minds, lives, fears, beliefs, passions, personalities (insert any other divisive thing here) can be insular and isolating. This coming together to share meaningful experiences, time and space, breath, laughs, presence, struggles, and maybe a tear or fart (winky face) from time to time, helps dissolve that isolation. Gatherings like SDYC magnify the power of the heart, coalescing in a ripple of love and community. Everyone wants to be happy and free, and they generally want to see you happy too. Take time to experience it.

"We're all just walking each other home." -Ram Dass

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