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How to #dropahint

So, you want to come to SDYC2019 but would just LOVE it as a gift?! With Valentine's Day fast- approaching, follow this guide to get exactly what you want this year...a ticket to the Conference!

1. Leave your browser open to the SD Yoga Conference Website. Make sure your SO walks past it frequently or put a plate of cookies right by your device.

2. Put it on your yearly bucket list or vision board. Star it, circle it, highlight it. "Accidentally" leave it out in plain sight.

3. Tell it to a mutual friend. Have that person drop a not-so-subtle hint for you: "I don't know if you got a gift yet, but..."

4. Gush on! Reminisce about your past experience or a friend's experience at SDYC. How can your SO deny you of such an awesome experience again?!

Of course, you could always just say it! Have a conversation and tell your SO how much you would appreciate the gift of SDYC for Valentine's Day or any day. Plan to come together...either to both attend the Conference and/or to turn it into a beautiful staycation in the Hills!

P.S. Giving is just as fun as receiving! We'll happily make a gift certificate for you if you want to give the gift of SDYC!

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