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Community - We're All Connected

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Charity and service as a virtue and bliss, for the benefit of all beings

Here are a few jumping off points for keeping the good vibes flowing for you and your community.

1) Animals - Those babies at the shelter love your love. Sign up to volunteer, take some food, or by all means, adopt! Walking the dogs at the shelter is such a joy. Get those pups out in the smells - it's great for their wellbeing and yours, too.

2) Beautification - Whether you're picking up trash, planting flowers (for bees), planting trees, cleaning up a space, or simply surrounding yourself with beauty, when you put energy in the direction of beauty it raises the vibration, invokes the goddess, and benefits us all.

3) Meals - You know what they say, "The fastest way to a heart is through the stomach." Food is love. And love, especially in service, is magic. Consider preparing food for someone just out of the hospital, going through chemo, grieving a recent loss or celebrating a new baby. Add a little extra love (herbs and Ayurvedic spices) with intentions for their well being.

4) Children - The spark of joy and wonder in a child is precious, and when you share it with them, it strengthens their unique light in this world and yours. Stoke that spark however and whenever your can. Slow down. Take time with kids. Smile, read, visit classrooms, mentor, celebrate, imagine.

5) Self care - I mean, if we were doing these in order of importance, I'd be tempted to put this at number one. One of my teachers says, "What's good for you is good for the whole." If you only live to the purest good of your own being, the world would be a much better place. Especially from the stance of oneness and us all being connected. Imagine you are the center of the universe expanding in all directions. All of your thoughts and actions at the level of your own being ripple the truth of reality out from that center. Do good for you and stay in your lane. ;)

7) Arts - Experiencing art broadens our perception and helps us glimpse reality through another's expression. Supporting art (of all types) supports the exploration and co-creation of beauty, while also blessing our own perspectives with a look from another divine heart. One of my teachers says that anything true cannot actually be put into words. Maybe an image, allegory, song or some other artistic rendition (whether pleasing or not) will connect you more with your heart, and the collective soul.

8) Pay if forward - Whether it's the coffee for the mysterious human behind you in line, or your pre-pay $10 for gas for the mom at the gas station, paying it forward is always a joy. Consider putting together care bags for a local homeless or women's shelter, tipping a little more than you normally would, maybe even give $5 to the person asking for change. Scatter kindness. Spread love. Be creative.

9)Fundraisers - If you've ever worked for a non-profit, you know how dependent all of those good works are on the generosity of people who believe in the cause. A little goes a long way (a lot goes further), and it all adds up! Consider organizing, volunteering and contributing to fundraisers that resonate with the good you see in the world. Shameless plug: There will be a silent auction this year at SYDC during the Friday night social to benefit WAVI (Working Against Violence Inc) in Rapid City. Last year, the plant silent auction raised $1300 which was a JOY to give back. We're expecting even greater success this year. Below is last year's video from Kristina at WAVI talking a bit about their organization.

Scatter kindness. Spread love. Get creative...or Google activities/charities until you find what resonates with you. And to quote Paul the Apostle, "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." And don't just think, do...for the benefit of all beings.

~Om Shanti~

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