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It's time to vote!

Which photo will grace the cover of the SDYC2020 Event Program? It's up to you!

Wow! We live in such an amazing place!

The beauty of our outdoor spaces AND our love of getting outside to enjoy them AND the inspiration we find in them make the perfect combination for yoga pictures! And we have loved all of the pictures you have shared with us for this year's Cover Photo Contest!

At SDYC2017, Bri Aberle graced our program cover with her Virabhadrasana (Warrior) III in front of Mount Rushmore. And thus, a tradition was born of searching for and selecting iconic mountains and plains states yoga pictures to adorn the SDYC event programs. At SDYC2018, the cover photo was of Sarah Canida in an inversion by a beautiful tree mural, and at last year's SDYC, Olivia Chrisman's Dancer Pose (Natarajasana) overlooking Spearfish Canyon took the cover spot.


And now we need the next best picture for the SDYC2020 Program!

It was hard to choose, but we narrowed it down to the Top 9 photos for you to vote on!

#1 Rachel Deutsch #2 Megan Nelson #3 Izzy Hood #4 Sarah Canida #5 Alonna Joelle

#6 Clarissa Thompson #7 Sandi King #8 Sierra Karras #9 Brandy Weber

How to Vote:

  • Head over to our Facebook page and find this post. Put your vote in the comment section.

  • Find us on Instagram (@sdyogaconference) and put your vote in the comment section of this post.

  • Vote in the comment section of this blog.


This year's winner receives their photo on the cover of the SDYC program, a free 3-day ticket to SDYC2020, a pair of leggings from SDYC Sponsor South Dakota Threads, and a few other goodies!

Voting ends March 15.

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