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It's the start of the new year...

and we have some questions.

How are you feeling about your past year, the past decade?!

It is amazing how fast 10 years goes.

What is different about your life now?

How's that 10-year plan treating you?

A lot changes in 10 years, and a lot stays the same.

Do you recognize some of your personal patterns? Your growth? Your healing?

What about everything you still want to change?

Are you free?

Are you content?

Did your life take some unexpected or painful turns?

Do you have habits you'd like to break, or new ones you crave to start?

Will that make you happy?

Our invitation to you (and ourselves) this year, this decade, is radical love and compassion for everything as it arises in your experience.

Can I love even this?!?!

Let your answer be yes.

"Wounded and/or broken is the normal human condition, so how could it be wrong? Could Nature have made a mistake? No. And on the spiritual path, we learn how to feel whole even with our 'wounds'. Some heal, some don't, but wholeness can include unhealed wounds. Our true wholeness is so deep that it can easily encompass and subsume the experience of brokenness. Your true nature is already whole, right now. Your flaws, your mistakes, your misunderstandings, your wounds -- they are all part of your beautiful and perfect wholeness. Life did not make you wrong. It couldn't." Christopher Hareesh Wallis

Hold the your whole self, all of it, with love. Can I love even this?!


What would happen if you love it all, the beautiful and the abhorrent.

Hold it all, in loving awareness.

Offer this gift to yourself, for the benefit of all beings. 


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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