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Get rid of the ick

Harness the energy of black tourmaline to clear away anything that doesn't serve you.

I'm not sure how or when I signed up for daily emails from a company called Energy Muse, but I've got to say, it's one of the best things I didn't know I did! They are all about crystals and how to use them, and I love receiving their wisdom and inspiration every morning. Recently, after they sent out a couple of emails focusing on black tourmaline, I was motivated to do a little more research and to try their DIY space clearing jar.


Properties of Black Tourmaline:

  • Provides a protective shield

  • Absorbs and transmutes negative energy & thoughts from oneself and others

  • Eases fear and panic

  • Promotes a sense of safety and security

  • Activates the ability to ground and center

  • Lifts dark mood into the light

  • Soothes panic attacks

  • Balances yin and yang in the body

  • Enhances energy flow

  • Forms a protective shield around the body

  • Absorbs electromagnetic radiation

  • Protects against "energy vampires"

  • Helps you feel grounded

Ideas for how to use Black Tourmaline:

  • Hold it in your hands when you meditate

  • Hold it in your hands when you feel anxious

  • Place it near your electronics

  • Place it in 4 corners of your home or a space

  • Wear it as jewelry

  • Carry it with you in your pocket

  • Place it under your pillow or by your bedside

  • Use it to create a space clearing jar (see below!)

A quick note on cleansing and charging your black tourmaline:

Black tourmaline is not a self-cleansing stone. It's great at absorbing negative energy but then it holds on to it, so you must take care to cleanse it. An easy way to do so is to soak it in salt water overnight and then flush the water down the toilet in the morning and rinse your stone. After cleansing, you can also charge your stone by placing it outside under the moonlight or in direct sunlight.


DIY Space Clearing Jar (a project from Energy Muse)

Create your own Space Clearing Jar with Black Tourmaline and Sea Salt. If you are feeling any negative energy in your space, these two work together to get rid of those icky vibes by acting as an energetic sponge, absorbing anything that doesn't serve you. You'll need: A Mason Jar Black Tourmaline (protective energy) Water Sea Salt (purifying energy) If you don't have black tourmaline, jump online and order some. Two local businesses that *might* have some are The Ancient Sage and Things That Rock. Watch the video for the how-to and then give it a try!


Scottie is currently a work-from-home school librarian who is missing her students and track season. She is grateful, though, for more time to learn, create, relax, play, write, read, cook, and clean.

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