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Change, it happens. Every breath, of every second, of every moment...we experience change. CHANGE in our thoughts. CHANGE in the weather. CHANGE in the seasons. CHANGE in our mood. CHANGE, it's as predictable as it is unpredictable. But the one thing that is true, CHANGE happens.

Here at the SDYC headquarters (aka...Scottie's house, Cheri's house, Jillian's house, or somewhere in-between) we've embraced a BIG change. Change of venue, location, and date for SDYC 2020! Yep, it way of email we cautiously connected with the talents at the Holiday Inn - Spearfish. Were we ready for this change? How would it be received by our SDYC community? Could we continue to elevate the vibe we all know as SDYC? How would the local community receive the event?

We pushed past any fears and EMBRACED the CHANGE! In doing so, the proverbial clouds parted and gave way to clarity, peace, and growth! While still deep in the planning stages we are amazed, excited, and humbled by the positive response to the new venue, location, and date!

SDYC is just moments away from opening early bird registration and confirming presenters, for what will be the 5th annual South Dakota Yoga Conference! Yes, it will be all that SDYC has gathered and embraced in the past and more!

Thanks to our new venue, The Holiday Inn - Spearfish for literally holding space for SDYC 2020 and beyond. It is never too early to book your stay! Thank you to the local community that has already reached out, expressed interest in the event, and contributed to a host of new and exciting ideas and possibilities! We send a BIG thank you to our SDYC community, presenters, sponsors, vendors, and attendees. SDYC sees you, hears you, and feels you!

Stay tuned for more information about the local Spearfish area and SDYC partners! Are you ready to turn your SDYC experience into an extended vacation in the Black Hills?

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