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Live, Love, Local

Live, love, local…It’s all the rage now, right? Here at SDYC we couldn’t agree more with living and loving locally both on and off the mat. The local 2019 SDYC vendors and sponsor make local shopping and services SO accessible and reasonable. But before we dive in to our line up of vendors and sponsors. Ask yourself why local?


The Institute for Self-Reliance gathered a growing body of evidence to support the idea of keeping your shopping locally. Among some of the amazing reasons, sustainability speaks volumes! We continue to see our local vendors and sponsors purchasing and supporting other local artisans, entrepreneurs, farms, etc. It’s a local lifecycle, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this community and support these vibrant vendors and sponsors at the SDYC 2019 conference and throughout the years to come.

Community is at the heart of our deeply-rooted intentions to gather, embrace, and expand! We approach selecting vendors and sponsors with the same intention. Our time and space are limited in size, but our heart’s desires are abundant and expansive when it comes to bringing the best to your SDYC experience. Did you know we only accept 15 vendors for the South Dakota Yoga Conference and that each vendor applies prior to acceptance to vend at the conference? All vendors and sponsors at SDYC 2019 have a local mountains to plains connection and/or are yogis at heart.


SDYC is honored to partner with the following vendors and sponsors. As the saying goes, “It takes a village…” So, here is the vendor/sponsor village...locals who share in and contribute to the vision to gather, embrace, and expand. Be sure to check out these vendors and sponsors all local-year-long. Give these vendors and sponsors some love by visiting their link and learning more about the goodness they offer.