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Breath, Brain, Body, Balance

How are you?

How is your breath, brain, body, and balance? Wow, that's a lot to consider right? But for the next few moments, pause. notice. and be aware of the 4 Bs. However you arrive here today, find a little length in the spine, and tune inward.

Breath. Our life force, the flow of our being. Notice in this moment your breath. The ebb and flow of each inhale and exhale.... where the breath begins and where it ends. How does the body move with each breath? Continue to observe your breath for the next few minutes, tuning inward with empathetic awareness. How is your breath?

Brain. Turn your awareness to your mind. Notice the activity of the mind. Allow in this moment to simply observe your thoughts. Release judgement and be aware. How is your mind?

Body. Tune into your body. Gently, slowly scan from the crown to toes, bring awareness to your body. Notice your body, the feeling of any surfaces, items, or clothing touching your body. Notice, with few labels, simply be in tune with your body in this pause. How is your body?

Balance. In this awareness of breath, brain, and body...How is your balance? What do you notice in this moment. Be aware of your balance. How is your balance?

Honor your time to be aware and notice the breath, brain, body, and balance. Observe the 4Bs with interest, grace, and sincerity to illuminate your answer to the question...

How are you?


Written by Cheri Isaacson, SDYC Presenter and Co-Organizer. Cheri has used the 4Bs to guide and plan yoga sessions with young people. Recently she began to use the 4Bs as a guide to tune inward and check in.

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