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Diana Steven
Brandon, SD


Diana Steven is an E-RYT and Wellness Coach. She teaches a holistic approach to wellness - Wellness through Wholeness. One where, a balanced life is a well lived life. She’s the owner and lead teacher of Kosha Yoga School where she combines her expertise in holistic health and mindfulness to support her students feel better naturally, live heart-centered lives and teach from a place of embodiment. She believes the best teachers are always a student.

The Art of Heart: A Kundalini Flow Experience​

In a fast paced world, slowing down is an act of rebellion. It’s easy to get stuck in your busy mind and disconnected from your body. In this class, we’ll drop out of the head and into the body, moving at a meditative pace, with focus on breath with basic kundalini kriyas and foundational yoga poses. Come for a full body experience, breathwork and meditation. Stay for the bliss!

Session 4, 2:00-3:15pm, Under the Tent

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