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Kersten Mueller & Monique Mueller
Sheridan, WY

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Yoga found my sis and I over 25 years ago, and quickly became an outlet for connecting with the Atlanta and coastal North Carolina communities. Now, having taught for over 15 years, Yoga is the path to bring out other's gifts and bravery.
We love teaching to all levels of people,  and are thrilled to reunite to teach again.
Having owned a studio in Wilmington for over 15 years, we were able to work with many people over many years, and witness incredible transformations. I (Monique) moved to Wyoming in the summer of 2015, and found the climate and people fulfilling, so much so that I asked my sis and her family to join me in 2019.
We are both acupuncturists, and yoga teachers/trainers. It is our hope to combine the body awareness yoga cultivates, along with the healing depth of Chinese medicine. Teaching is a huge aspect of each of our lives and deep honor to the community.

Thai Yoga Massage

Learn the art and science of Thai yoga massage, to include in your classes or as a part of your skillset for friends and fellow yogis!

Session 2, 9:30-10:45am, Under the Tent

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