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Kathryn Cluff


Kathryn Cluff is a gifted holistic healer and empowering life-transformation guide for women. She is the solopreneur of Soul Roots, LLC, based in the sacred Black Hills and serves clients virtually throughout the world.

At the age of 30, she became a widow and single mother of four children under the age of 8. Kathryn struggled for years with anxiety, and at one point considered suicide. It was nearly 20 years later when she reached that pivotal, rock-bottom point and made the decision to begin her journey of healing, self-love, and empowered living. 

Kathryn’s signature Habits that Heal Hearts & Empower Women Program combines holistic arts and research-based practices, moving progressively through a process that equips women with powerful rituals proven to bring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.  It is based on her own life-changing journey, personal practices, training in multiple styles of healing yoga and meditation, and as a Reiki practitioner. She is passionate about teaching as many women as possible how to heal themselves by calming the nervous system and reprogramming their inner dialogue from self-judgment to self-compassion and self-love. 

Kathryn is committed to helping women live in harmony with the joys and the challenges of life—healing trauma, building confidence, establishing clarity, and creating the life and relationships desired. A complimentary discovery session is available by appointment.

The Heart of Healing with Yoga - Kathryn Cluff

We often move through our days with our nervous system in stress response. Maybe you have been in such a state for a lifetime. Feeling anxious more than not has much to do with the mind being in the past or the future. This practice is intended to bring balance to the mind, body, emotions, and spirit, creating a state where the whole being meets in the present. Here, healing takes place. Enjoy a combination of pranayama, guided meditation, gentle movement, and yin with loving kindness meditation weaved throughout. Bring all your troubles – past, present, and future – leave with only what you wish to keep.

Session 3, 11:15am-12:30pm, in the Barn

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