Karen Buxcel


Karen Buxcel (E-RYT200) was 40 years old and the mother of 4 children before she finally decided to give yoga a closer look. She quietly began her yoga journey at home, committing to a solo daily practice of asana and meditation. She had to see for herself if there was a good reason to dedicate time to this practice while caring for and unschooling her young children. It didn’t take long to see just how transformative yoga could be for those who make the commitment. That quiet beginning has blossomed into her passionate, community oriented life’s work as Founder and Instructor at Sōl Yoga Collective in Rapid City, SD.

Karen is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and holds a 200hr certification in Medical Qigong. She has trained and studied with Acroyoga, Prison Yoga Project, the Handel Group and others. She has dedicated countless hours to her education and continued development. Though Karen has received many certifications and trained extensively, the title and role she holds most dearly is that of "Mom".

Earth Element Energy* - Karen Buxcel

This will be a slower moving practice with held postures. The intention is to create the experience peace and power, even in the midst of challenge. We will access and connect with the core of our being, physically and metaphorically.

Session 1, 7-8:15am, on the Lawn