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Jeff Nelson


Jeff found his way to the mat 10 years ago during a search for healing and serenity on a path of recovery from addiction. He has a deep sense of gratitude to the gifted instructors who accepted he right where I was, and yet always made a deeper experience tangible and approachable. Inspiration and a gentle nudge sent Jeff to complete initial yoga training in ShambhavAnanda Hatha Yoga near Rollinsville, Colorado. His developing style comes through my training, personal practice and the undeniable imprint of some very influential instructors and teachers. This training and influence is at the heart of his yoga and meditation practice. Jeff lives in Rapid City with his wife Dori who is a yoga instructor as well. Jeff teaches regularly at Sol Yoga Collective in Rapid City.

Knowing Chitta* - Jeff Nelson

Exploring levels of consciousness with Jeff Nelson.  This session will the 4 aspects of the mind focusing on Chitta which is the home of what Dr David Frawley calls “conditioned consciousness”.  Utilizing seated asana, meditation and breath work there is unlimited potential to work with this conditioned consciousness. Stored impressions, memories, dreams. Samskaras. Join Jeff for a guided meditative journey embracing Mind and Body & Spirit.  Sat-Chit-Ananda - Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss

Session 1, 7-8:15am, under the Tent

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