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Hannah Martinez
Casper, WY

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Welcome Yogis and all those interested in yoga, my name is Hannah. I am an ERYT- 500 hr, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, a head trainer alongside my partner Alaina Binfet in our Registered Yoga School, Sadhana School of Yoga, a Certified Breathwork Therapist and Thai massage Practitioner. I received my 200 hr Yoga Alliance certification through “Roots Academy” with a strong basis of Ashtanga, my 500 hr YA certification through Porters Neck Yoga Academy, my 100hr breathwork Therapy certification through Pranayama Sadhana, and many more hours of continuing education from teacher and workshops around the world. Learning about Yoga, Breath, Body work, energy work, and all the ways to live a happy, healthy and connected life have become a passion of mine that will never end. I enjoy teaching as well as practicing many styles of yoga including Ashtanga,Yin, Hatha, Kundalini,Vinyasa Yoga, and Infusing massage and self-massage wherever I can. I also teach breathwork of many styles for mediation, energy, stress relief, equanimity, sports performance, spirituality and more. You can find me teaching classes at Wyoming Yoga and Massage, LIfetime health and Fitness, Youtube, and Zoom, as well as book private lessons, small groups, and private events.

A Breathwork Quest: Exploring the Elements

Understanding our connection to the five elements helps us find our balance.The five spiritual elements are earth, air, water, fire and ether (or space/spirit). Each of these elements can be connected into your life daily and can be activated by the Power of Breathwork.

EARTH to ground, balance and vitalize the body

WATER to trust, accept and balance our emotions

FIRE to transform, clarify and vitalize our energy

AIR to move, inspire and harmonize the mental body

SPACE/ETHER to connect, transcend and ignite the spirit

Connecting with these elements in the Breath will have beautiful benefits in your life!


For this class we ask that you do not consume caffeine or, eat for at least 1 hour or drink for at least 30 minutes before practice. It is also best to empty bowels and bladder before practice as it is preferable not to have to get up during class.


What to expect-

This practice is done in a comfortable seated position.

It is preferable to wear a sleep mask through the duration of the practice, this will help to enhance the outer body experience.

Though this class is a very deep meditative practice, the music played during may surprise and excite you. Music plays a big role alongside the rhythmic breath. The music will range in energy levels and volume to match the intention of the moment, heighten the energy of the practice, and add to the vibration and concentration.


What to bring- Blankets and meditation pillow

A sleep mask


Empty bowels and bladders to be free of distractions

Session 3, 11:00am-12:15pm, Under the Tent

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