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Charmaine Houck


Charmaine N. Houck is a speaker on diversity, author, and body-positive advocate. Charmaine’s heart is driven to help others, especially women of all ages, to tackle issues of diversity and inclusion, self-love, forgiveness, and goal-setting. Learning and implementing Ayurvedic rituals has helped Charmaine change her life in many positive ways and she loves sharing this ancient wisdom with others.

Charmaine is a Sacred Ayurvedic Bodyworker and Certified Pancha Karma Technician, Liscensed Massage Therapist, Certified Trauma-informed ModiYoga Instructor, Mindfulness Facilitator, Confidence Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Wild Woman Project® Circle Leader, and Sound Therapy Practitioner. She enjoys being “who she once needed for others” and believes in the value of community: spiritual, family, neighborly, work, etc.

We shine brighter together!

Level Up Your Life with Ayurveda - Charmaine Houck

Ayurveda, translated to 'life science', is the sister science of yoga. With knowledge of your Ayurvedic constitution you can begin to dial in and go deeper into your daily routines. In this session you will learn about the Ayurvedic Doshas, how to balance mind and body for your specific dosha constitution, and learn to incorporate foods which align with your personal constitution.  Ayurveda can encompass every aspect of your life or you can choose to integrate pieces which call to you. This is a fun and functional workshop for all levels.

Session 4, 2-3:15pm, under the Tent

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