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Cary Thrall

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Cary is an enrolled member of the Sicangu Oyate. She is a Black Hills winyan, heart and soul. Born and raised in South Dakota, she believes in the importance of compassion, kindness and deep connections. Cary works in many facets through her business, finding flow and seeking harmony every day. CAT Scratch Studios, Creative Arts and Therapies, links her passions of teaching, yoga+meditations, art and community. She is a certified educator, artist, community organizer and change maker. Engaging with people is vital for her. She perceives connections and strives to deepen them from seed to fruition; working with others to seek their visions and move towards them to create the life they desire. She connects people through holistic, healthy living, creative community collaborations, teaching, art, and yoga+meditations to harmonize life and emanate from the heart space to bring their soul’s work forward. Cary is an E-RYT® 200, YACEP® Yoga Alliance certified instructor.

Illuminating the Chakras* - Cary Thrall

This session combines Kundalini with intentional creativity. Yoga is an artistic expression and an opportunity to connect with self and the infinite. Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. Yoga shifts perspective, forging pathways to themes beyond daily realms. Art synthesizes this.  As we work through each chakra, the 7 centers of energy within the body and the auric field around the body, we will integrate yogic and creative processes. Students will focus on their own physical, internal, nuanced experience to delve deeper. As we work through this session, participants will also develop imagery to define their thoughts and give voice to their inner knowledge. This session is for anyone who wishes to work at greater depths and continue personal growth. It is another set of tools for self-enlightenment.

Session 4, 2-3:15pm, in the Barn (limited class size, pre-registration will be required)

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