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Jess Ryan and Stephanie Hanson

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Stephanie Hanson, MS, LPC, E-RYT is a mental health therapist and yoga instructor who leads workshops, retreats, and trainings for therapists and non-therapists designed to align with the qualities of the Self, heal wounds, and awaken to life’s purpose. Jess Ryan, MS, NCC, LPC, E-RYT is a trauma-informed therapist, life coach, yoga teacher, energy worker and Shamanic practitioner. Together they have over 25 years of combined teaching and client experience and have trained yoga teachers from across the intermountain west since 2011. They help students and clients to understand why and how yoga and body-based practices are more than merely physical exercises––these practices are gateways to understanding, healing, and uncovering the true Self.

Creating the New World* - Jess Ryan & Stephanie Hanson

Have you felt uncertain, exhausted, and confused over the past few years? For many of us, the stress of this era has fried our nervous systems, stripped us of identities, and destroyed our “normal.” As we come to terms with the release of the old, we have an opportunity to create something new.

Ready for your reality to feel different? For the world to feel different? We invite you into a multi-experiential  practice to create the world in which you want to live. Join Yoga mentors and mental health therapists, Jess Ryan, MS, LPC, NCC, 500RYT and Steph Hanson, MS, LPC, NCC, 200E-RYT for a Yoga asana practice that will include an all-levels slow flow, Yoga philosophy, guided meditations, energetic practices, and journaling to shift your energy so you embody the life and world you want to move into. 

Session 3, 11:15am-12:30pm, under the Tent

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