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We’re still here, and really miss you

NEW SDYC "Home" Shirts are available, to help us stay connected at home!  Pre-order by June 1

The three of us (*not pictured* Scottie, Cheri and Jillian) really miss you! Your smiles, your eyes, your OMs and namastes, the high fives, the excitement, the group vibes. We miss the idea of gathering with you in person this summer. We are still here.

There have been many conversations about ways to connect with you all this summer and we have several fun things coming up to stay in community and inspired. To kick it all off, new shirts with Cheri's beautiful "HOME" design! A lot of you were asking how to get one of the shirts we were wearing in the Postment Announcement and Meditation video. Well, here they are! You can pre-order your SDYC Home shirts starting now, and ordering closes June 1st. We're so excited about the new design and shirt options. Check it out!

The details for new shirts PRE-ORDER

1) Order your shirts before June 1st. Ordering closes June 1st!

2) Shirt production (local) should be done mid-June and shipments will be shortly after.

3) Free shipping on orders over $40.

4) There are a few SDYC 2019 shirts still available, and they're on sale!

About the new shirt design, from Cheri:

"hOMe is where the heart is. Om at the heart to connect us to the universe. Sukasana to represent steadiness and ease. Breathe love as we expand beyond the limits of our state and our boundaries...physical, mental, emotional. My heart feels whole and connected when I look at this image. It reminds me to lean in to a community that continues to evolve and be full of potential and possibility."

When we gather at the SD Yoga Conference, we come together from all walks of life, across the state, across the region. Countless beautiful connections are made. Countless, but let's count a few: seeing old friends, making new friends, simply just being together with a big group of good people, making kind eye contact and even the occasional hug! It can be challenging to find ways to stay connected, supported, nourished, and inspired in the same way when we cannot gather. But we're up for the challenge and hope you are too! Let's stay connected. We look forward to seeing you again.


lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

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