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Let's get together - holiday love

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Peace on earth, good will to all.

This is a beautiful time of year that has the potential to really bring out the best in people and fill us up as we gather with loved ones. And/but, let's also face the fact that holidays can stir up other heavy stuff (chaos, anxiety, grief, dissension, mania, hurt feelings, resentment, etc.) that can make it a challenge to stay open to the holiday spirit of Peace, Love and Joy.

At a yoga workshop in Pierre yesterday, a lovely woman shared a beautiful holiday spirit meditation to inspire connecting with the enchantment of the holidays, even as *jaded* adults. The practice is included for you at at the bottom of this post. Give yourself (and the world) the gift of this really simple and sweet practice for the holidays, or mix it up any time you feel the need for a magical gift.

For this holiday season, my chosen gift from the meditation was smiling and laughing with friends and family. Mmm. This was delicious, and brought a fresh energy of love and joy to my holiday spirit. Gathering with family and friends is something I need more of in my life.

On that note, as you gather with loved ones this holiday season, remember to make plans for your summer gathering at SDYC. There will be lots of smiles and meaningful experiences to share. Have you noticed our amazing early bird and group deals? Check it out.

And when you do gather, what would happen if you allowed yourself to be exactly as you are right now (not good, not bad), and everyone else to be exactly as they are? So when uncle Frank tries hijacking the dinner conversation with his conspiracy theories or political accusations, can we just love him as he is? See the divine light that is life flowing through him, and expressing in this moment as uncle Frank. And of course, extend this same consideration to ourselves. Let's drop the judgements, guilt and shame this year.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Peace on earth, good will to all.

Practice for Rediscovering the Magic of the Holiday Season

1) Find a comfortable position in which to sit and reflect on the holiday season.

2) Think about the enchantment and magic that this time of year perhaps held for you as a child.

3) Invite in an openness and curiosity to rediscovering what you would need in order to bring back that same sense of joy.

4) As that word or thought or feeling begins to develop, begin to visualize a Christmas tree in front of you. At the base of the tree is a wrapped gift, and it is for YOU!

5) That gift box holds exactly what you need to rediscover holiday enchantment. Inhale as you reach forward and gather in your gift. Exhale as you bring it to your heart. With a breath or two, continue to hold your hands at your heart, allowing time for this gift to be completely embraced.

6) When you return your focus to the Christmas tree, there is another gift. Once again, reach forward to gather in your gift on your inhale, draw it into your heart on your exhale, and hold it there for a few rounds of breath.

7) Repeat as many times as you’d like. On your last round, with your hands at your heart and your heart full of your gift, realize that you have more than you need!

8) Take a deep breath in, filling your hands with the excess. As you exhale, extend your arms out and spread your gift out to the world. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

9) Give and receive. Rediscover the awe and joy of the holidays and find peace in sharing what you’ve received with others.

10) Return to stillness. Welcome in whatever you are experiencing. Bask in the gift of this moment and experience.

Om Om Om

With love,


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