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Connect, Manifest, Digest: Essential Oils


Ummmmm....Lavender. When I spy some in a garden or flower arrangement I can't help myself...I rub my hands through the delicate green stems, pausing to gently run my fingers through the soft violet blossoms...then I cup my hands and inhale...ahhhhhh! The smells of nature infiltrating our olfactory senses, adding yet another sensory layer to our experience! The connection we make with the aroma triggers and connects the memory of the mind and body to the experience. There is a long history of connecting the use of essential oils with healing, customs, and traditions too. These natural gifts of the Earth are finding ways into yoga studios and practices alike.

When connecting and using essential oils in your space:

BE CURIOUS about the source: know your essential oil like you know the other products you put on your body or bring into your home or studio.

BE AWARE of the effect the essential oil has on your mind and body: know basic safeguards when using essential oils in your practice. Education is priceless. Be sure to checkout our sponsor page of our oily educators. Reach out to them, learn, and raise your awareness.

BE PREPARED when using essential oils in your home or practice: each and every body can react differently. I like to always have a carrier oil nearby to keep dilution rates high in case of sensitivity. And of course, with sensitivities, use an alternative plan when needed.


Create a harmonious experience on and off the mat. Used aromatically, topically, and internally...essential oils can manifest a sense of calm & steadiness, or manifest an uplifting & energetic feeling.

How will you incorporate essential oils in your daily life or yoga practice? Essential Yoga, was one of my first resources I used to combine essential oils & yoga together for myself and my students. This resource offers carefully cultivated monthly yoga experiences incorporating essential oils.


Back in the garden...herbs are a staple! Fresh herbs bring such a delight to cooking throughout the summer season. Well into the year, these herbs resurface but finding them fresh...especially now, is a challenge. So while we wait for our summer bounty, give notice to your savory therapeutic GRAS (general regarded as safe-check your labels) essential oils. In many cases a drop goes a long way! With stronger oils like oregano, peppermint, and cinnamon apply a dab to a toothpick and stir into desired dish.


Cheri is a kindergarten teacher who is learning to embrace school at home and online learning. She is grateful for her time to connect with her daughters, husband, and fur babies. During this time at home, she's rediscovered her passion for culinary arts and infusing it with her love of essential oils.

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